Dr. Gerald Schoenknecht


Oklahoma State University, Dept. of Botany
301 Physical Science, Stillwater, OK 74078-3013, USA
Tel.: +1 (405) 744 5549, Fax.: +1 (405) 744 1797
E-mail: gschoen@okstate.edu
Currently on sabbatical leave at:
Institute for Plant Biochemistry, Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf
Universitätsstr. 1, Geb.26.13 R.U1.62, 40225 Düsseldorf, Germany
Phone: +49-211-81-12368, Fax: +49-211-81-13706
E-mail: gerald.schoenknecht@uni-duesseldorf.de

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Plant Physiology, BOT 3463, every spring and fall (in fall only as online course). Prerequisite: BOT 1404 (Plant Biology).

Plant Physiology Lab, BOT 3462, every spring. Prerequisite: Plant Physiology (BOT 3463) or concurrent enrollment.

Plant Mineral Nutrition, BOT 5423/4423, fall of odd numbered years. Prerequisite: Plant Physiology (BOT 3463).


My group studies the physiology and evolution of plant membrane transport proteins. Ongoing research project are:
- Annotation and analysis of the genome of the thermoacidophilic red alga Galdieria sulphuraria.
The analysis of the Galdieria genome has been published in Science - see here.

- Recording and modelling of pH homeostasis in plant root cells (funded by OPSR - OCAST).

Publications since 2000

Gene transfers shaped the evolution of de novo NAD+ biosynthesis in eukaryotes
Ternes, C. M. and Schönknecht, G. (2014) Genome Biology and Evolution in press

Horizontal gene acquisitions by eukaryotes as drivers of adaptive evolution
Schönknecht, G., Weber, A. P.M. and Lercher, M. J. (2014) BioEssay 36(1): 9-20. [Full-text PDF]

Calcium signals from the vacuole
Schönknecht, G. (2013) Plants 2(4): 589-614. [Full-text PDF]

Gene transfer from bacteria and archaea facilitated evolution of an extremophilic eukaryote
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Luminal and cytosolic pH feedback on proton pump activity and ATP affinity of the V-type ATPase from Arabidopsis
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A novel calcium-binding site in the slow vacuolar cation channel TPC1 senses luminal calcium levels
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pH regulation in an acidophilic green alga – a quantitative analysis
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Plasmodesmata transport of GFP alone or fused to Potato virus X TGBp1 is diffusion driven
Schönknecht, G., Brown, J.E. and Verchot-Lubicz, J. (2008) Protoplasma 232 (3): 143-152. [Full-Text PDF]

Vacuolar ion channels in the liverwort Conocephalum conicum
Schönknecht, G. and Trebacz, K. (2008) Plant Signaling & Behavior 3 (6): 404-405. [Full-Text PDF]

Characteristics of anion channels in the tonoplast of the liverwort Conocephalum conicum
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Vacuolar calcium channels
Pottosin, I.I. and Schönknecht, G. (2007) J. Exp. Bot. 58 (7): 1559-1569. [Full-Text PDF]

Modelling Ca2+ oscillations in plants
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Mechanism of luminal Ca2+ and Mg2+ action on the vacuolar slowly activating channels
Pottosin, I.I., Martínez-Estévez, M., Dobrovinskaya, O.R., Muñiz, J. and Schönknecht, G. (2004) Planta 219 (6): 1057-1070. [Full-Text PDF]

KCO1 is a component of the slow-vacuolar (SV) ion channel
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Cl- channel inhibitors of the arylaminobenzoate type act as photosystem II herbicides: A functional and structural study
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Slow vacuolar channels from barley mesophyll cells are regulated by 14-3-3 proteins.
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A simple method to isolate protoplasts and vacuoles for patch-clamp experiments
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Ion channels meet plant hormones
Hedrich, R., Becker, D., Dietrich, P. and Schönknecht, G. (2000) in: Plant Hormone Research. K. Palme and D. Schell eds. (Springer, Austria) Chapter 12.

For publications before 2000 see here.